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Christer is a Vancouver-based laptop princess. Her debut album, Techna (File Under Music) was released in 2009 and she subsequently toured throughout Canada and Australia, opening for the likes of De La Soul, Ratatat, Muscles and USS.

Christer (pronounced with a hard "I" like "Christ") packs much beauty, sass and guts into Techna. The album's modest production pulsates and pounds with trampling, triumphant energy and flaunts stunning verses, epic melodies and addictive choruses that will keep you humming for days.

Christer cites electronic innovators Miss Kittin, Peaches and Goldfrapp as the inspiration for transferring her nine years of classical guitar and songwriting experience into beat programming. She produced her first tracks as part of a Creative Writing degree at the University of British Columbia, and Techna's sound documents a three-year flirtation, courtship and eventual domination of GarageBand, MIDI instruments and sampled loops. The songs surge forth, a one-woman onrush of frenzied, thumping dance anthems that will catapult you off your seat. Her in-your-face lyrics chart such intimate journeys as physical abuse, substance use, and triumphant love – via Christer's beatific voice, fans get a grand tour through her bedroom, the bathroom and straight onto the dance floor.

Christer's music can also be found on two compilations of Vancouver electronica, manoeuvres 2 & manoeuvres 3 (So Called Recordings).

Techna - Christer

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"an electronic, synthetic sound that invites a comparison to early Goldfrapp"
- Vancouver Province

"If you are a techno freak or just like to dance around your living room to some kickin’ beats, Techna is your kind of album."
- The Reflector

"Mixing equal parts ambient, trip hop and synth rock, Christer’s Techna spans several electronic genres but at the heart of it all, contains tunes fit for the dance floors."
- The Spill

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"Trees and Rockets" video
Directed by Jeremy Brown

"How You Like It" video
Directed by Mark Ratzlaff

"I Heart Johnny" live at The Rivoli, Toronto
June 19, 2009